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Tests of Infectious Diseases

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Code: MST416371
Name: Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Antibody Test

Code: MST416370
Name: HAV IgM Antibody

Code: MST416369
Name: Malaria Tests

Code: MST416368
Name: TB Tuberculosis (recombinant) Test

Code: MST416367
Name: Syphilis (TP) Test

Code: MST416366
Name: The HIV 1/2 test

Code: MST416365
Name: One Step HCV(Hepatitis C) Rapid Tests

Code: MST416364
Name: HBV (One Step Hepatitis B Rapid Tests)

Code: MST416363
Name: One Step Gonorrhea Test

Code: MST41671
Name: One Step Chlam (Chlamydia) Tests

Code: MST41670
Name: One-Step Strep A Tests

Code: MST41669
Name: One Step Dengue IgG / IgM Antigen test

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